Sangeet party songs, just like the ceremony is all about fun, energy, Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment. It’s the night for you all to shake your leg and have a gala time together with your family and guests. Show Mania understands your emotions and excitement completely and has compiled songs which will ensure that all your dear ones are tapping feet with the rhythm. Read and add these dance numbers to rock on your sangeet party.

London Thumakda

What’s a sangeet night without some desi thumka? Get your whole group on the dance floor as this is the party starter to rock your sangeet’s night. Twist, twirl, move and shake your body to have a blast and gala time on one of your very special days. Plus, event planner in Jaipur can arrange more enlightenment to make your sangeet a night worth remembering.


No one can stop tapping their feet on the Punjabi track. In a similar fashion, echo your sangeet venue with the beats that are going to make everyone feels goosebumps. We know there are innumerable songs in the list but choosing this one will be a splendid and groundbreaking option.
One must dance on the fast music and the tempting beats as they are just the perfect blend to get anybody swaying to the tune!

Leja Leja Re

Dear brides get your girl’s crew by your side and set the stage on fire with this evergreen song. All of us has grown up dancing and listening to this forever melody so now when we have got a new and faster version, how can you miss it? The remix is even more beautiful, spicy and is going to everyone go crazy.

Kala Chashma

Without thinking a bit we can declare this song as the sangeet dance anthem. This appealing song is going to charge the battery of every person present there at your venue. Just bring out your goggles and get ready to slay with swag. Plus, including the signature move in your dance number as executed in the original will be more attractive and enthusiastic.

The Humma Song

The remixed version of an old classic hit has some really energetic and funky beats. You and your soulmate can have some flawless latke jhatke to make the audience whistle and hoot for the made in heaven pair of you two. You can also get some event decoration ideas to make the outlook go with the flow of the song.

Tamma Tamma Again

This song can be given the highest rating on a scale of 10. Tamma Tamma, an old 90’s hit was the heartthrobs of everybody and even now, this song with more fast and modern beats is ruling the hearts. Do not forget to add this hit dance number for your whole squad to dance on.

Kar Gayi Chul

Nail your sangeet’s performance, put on your heels and flaunt your desi and sexy moves. This song is playful, fun and full of entertainment to rejuvenate your sangeet night. It would be an injustice if you won’t add this fabulous trendsetter dance song on your playlist.

Nashe Si Chad Gayi

This song has got some really catchy and energetic beats. Plus, some slow moves with your partner will make this song an ideal choice for the sangeet night. We guarantee you, guests, at your place will gladly applause your splendid performance.


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