Jaimalas no doubt do wonders in an Indian Wedding. Here are a few creative and selective jaimala designs chosen by Show Mania which will make your wedding’s jaimala ritual worth remembering.

Baby’s Breath – Rose Gypsophila Jaimalas

This wonderful garland is made up of baby breath’s bloom with a mix of roses matching your wedding outfit. The garland goes in contrast with every possible wedding attire and will look flawlessly beautiful.

Carnation Jaimalas

Carnation jaimalas are deeply delightful and look exquisitely mesmerizing with all the light shades wedding apparels of bride and groom. You should definitely contact any wedding event management companies to arrange one for you.

The Lotus Jaimalas

Being a dignified and magnificent national flower of the nation. The lotus garland exudes an ascent of royalty and magnificence. The lotus blooms look awe-inspiring when worn for a ceremony this special.

The Rose Jaimalas

Roses always and always looks so majestic and have always been and will continue to be, a wedding favourite. However, Jaimala designers are deliberately avoiding the usage of the classic red for pastel hues and interesting new and creative combinations.

Frond Jaimalas

Break the stereotype of having garlands made of flowers only. And opt for the loveliest and majestic lush green frond jaimalas. These foliage jaimalas looks absolutely refreshing and verdant. Plus, Show Mania gives you a platform to book the top wedding planner in Jaipur, top wedding planner in Rajasthan and also in various other cities to arrange these creative Jaimalas for the two of you.

Hawaii Calling

Don’t go for the regular monotonous jaimalas and think out of the box. For instance, how about choosing the Hawaiian ‘lei’ design. Especially the combination of pink and green ones as they add a dash of colour and contrast.

Banging Jaimalas

Bing your jaimalas with some creativity such as by attaching little jewels, mirror work, danglers, and beads. This type of creative work will suitably go with the floral theme jaimalas as the creativity will enhance the garland.

Seashells Jaimalas

This breathtaking beautiful equipped jaimala will make everyone go crazy. You can set the combination with a fusion of some exotic blooms and seashells. Trust us, this is going to look truly sensational.

Thai Jaimalas

You have been to Hawaii then why to lag behind Thai? The poor joke, isn’t it? The jaimala designers have intricate patterns just like the Thai local’s weave. This has just become the trendsetter among the millennials.

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