Everywhere we look we are surrounded by colours. They can make happy, sad or melancholic and when it the most important day of your life then colours are very important. ShowMania here recommends some of the colour combinations that you can use for your wedding décor.

Saffron And Fuschia 

Lovely shades of yellow and bright pinks come together to create a festive and jubilant affair. Showcased as the contemporary classic of Indian wedding colour schemes, this gives an amazing look to your decor.

Peach And Blues

The cheerful and light honoured palette gives you the warmth and soothing feeling and will become one of the favourite combinations. These two beautiful shades fill the room, unique details can still stand out without being overwhelming.

Gold And Black

This unique combination will add a bling to your wedding. Sharp black against luxe, glittering gold is for couples looking to “bring it” on their wedding day. For this combination four-inch, dancing shoes are a necessary accessory.

White And Yellow

Minimalistic couples will love this theme of an all-white affair. The dash of yellow will add the colour without interrupting the sleek, serene look of white on white.

Ombre Pink

Pink comes with lots of shades and every shade has its own beauty. This shade of pink will add the tincture fuchsia hues together to create a charming and romantic setting around you.

Purple And Burgandy

If you are planning for a royal wedding then the combination of purple and burgandy goes best for the décor. The ornate of purple and burgandy exude the ultimate in luxury. When it comes to flowers, consider eggplant calla lilies paired with romantic garnet roses or plum hydrangea and brick ranunculus.

Hope you liked these patterns and will take it as a suggestion for your wedding!

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