Photo Booth Ideas And Inspirations By Corporate Event Planner

Corporate event planning is not as easy as it sounds as it must be handled with utmost professionalism and dedication. Planning a corporate event is different from managing and planning weddings and other private events. Corporate events are gatherings organized for various stake holders to communicate the company vision and mission in a creative way.

5 New Branding Design Ideas By Corporate Event Planner

Corporate events are all about delivering the company goals, vision and mission to the target audience. The types of events in corporate event planning could be seminars, conferences, trade shows, exhibitions, product launch, success party, employee orientation, employee holiday, events for new or existing clients and more. And the target audience could be the company

Tips For A Memorable And Engaging Corporate Event Planning

Corporate event planning is taken more seriously now due to the responsibilities that come with planning anything related to a brand. Event planning has become more professional now and companies look for ways to make their event a grand success. That’s exactly when corporate event planner comes into the picture. Show Mania events is one

Easy And Fun Seating Arrangements Tips By Corporate Event Planner

Corporate events are basically company level events in order to engage and communicate a desired message to its audience employees, board of directors or top management of the company, new and existing clients and other stakeholders. Corporate events could be seminars, conferences, trade shows, exhibitions, product launch, success party, employee recognition party or employee holidays

Top 4 Tips For Flawless And Successful Corporate Event Planning

One of the best ways for a company to promote its brand products is through an effectively planned event. Corporate event planning has grown over the years and now companies look for new and innovative ideas to communicate their messages to the target audience. There are various types of corporate events planned every year including

Necessity of Corporate Event Management Companies

Much before weddings, companies started event planning on a serious and professional note. We saw a sudden boom in event planning with a number of award shows, trade shows, conferences, exhibitions and a lot more coming up. Corporate event planning is all about communicating the goals, objectives, mission and vision of the company more clearly

Successful In House Corporate Event Planning Insights

Corporate Event planning is all about planning, managing and executing company’s vision and mission to its stakeholders which could be – employees, top management, new or existing clients and other stakeholders. You have in house or maybe you hire a professional help in the name of a corporate event planner to handle all the aspects

Corporate Event Planning Ideas For A Lasting Impression

Show Mania events is a wedding planning and event Management Company based in pink city – Jaipur of Indian state of Rajasthan. We have been in the industry for over a decade now and have planned over 250 weddings and over 100 corporate events in different cities of Rajasthan. The trend for destination wedding in

Impactful Stage Design Tips For Corporate Event Planning

Stage design for corporate events may not be as detailed and elaborate as a performance stage, but there are many important aspects you must consider in your corporate event planning. Show Mania events is a wedding planner and event organizer based in Jaipur city of Rajasthan. We have been in the industry for over a

These Ideas Will Help You Spice Up Any B2B Event

The bitter truth is that most of the corporate events are going to be un entertaining sometimes, and we think that we should all admit it. There’s nothing wrong in it because the reason is unawareness, after all corporate event planning is not everyone’s cup of tea. So, there could be boring food, not so

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