Corporate event planning is all about communicating the right message be it the vision, goal, mission, acknowledging various stakeholders or product launch or any other message that the company wishes to tell the target audience. Show Mania events also caters to corporate event management, make strategies for brand building and also deliver the right message in an effective way to the desired target audience. Amongst an array of corporate event planners, Show Mania events does not hesitate in going a step ahead to plan some remarkable events for your company. Being based in the capital city of Rajasthan, Show Mania events has planned and managed over 100 corporate events for some of the most reputed firms of Jaipur. We feel venue is important in corporate event planning and having an experience in working with some of the best venue of city, we will negotiate to get the best of venues suitable for your event.

Corporate Event Planning
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When it comes to corporate event planning, one must think of seminars, brand launch, employee recognition party, trade shows or conferences. Yes, these are some of the corporate events we generally witness. If you are keen on being a corporate event planner, there are a number of creative and new job titles you can explore to have a smooth entry into the world of corporate events. If you feel you are just the right fit into the world of corporate event planning here are a few job titles you can look for to begin with.

  • Managing Meetings: In every company, meetings are held almost every day. Some are organized within the team, some involve peers from different departments and some may even involve the top management. Thus, big corporate have a separate meeting management department catering to such meetings. This department looks after the venue booking, audio visuals, food and beverage, logistics and other expenses as well. There could be different job titles for this role – meeting assistant, meeting planner or even travel coordinator.

    Managing Meetings
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  • Administration: This department looks after event planning, managing client specific meetings, take care of travel arrangements and other responsibilities. They can also coordinate with hospitality team and other vendors. This is yet another job role you can start with to get a brief about corporate event planning and how the industry functions. Various job titles related to this department could be Administrative Assistant and Senior Administrative Assistant to name a few.

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  • Marketing And Sales: The most dynamic of all the corporate departments, sales and marketing is a backbone to every company. Role of a corporate event planner is all about communicating the benefits of being associated to them; showing some negotiation skills by getting the best venues well within the budget guidelines. Then starting with sales and marketing is a good idea, as this department lets you communicate the products and services of the company and deliver the right message to the client. And this is exactly what corporate event planning is all about.

    Marketing And Sales
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Apart from these departments there could be communication, human resource and corporate foundation teams that you can get into to get a hand on experience if you wish to be corporate event planner. For an upcoming corporate event in your company, get in touch with us at +91 968055518.

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