Being asked to be the bridesmaid in your best friend’s wedding is one of the highest honors you could receive in your friendship but being a bridesmaid comes with a lot of responsibilities and it can be a really complicated job to do. One wrong step and you might be the reason for ruining the wedding. Lucky for you, we have found some of the Do’s and Don’ts that can help you to be the perfect bridesmaid.


  1. Do realize that accepting the title means taking on many responsibilities


Being a bridesmaid is an honor but it comes with a lot of responsibilities. Be prepared to give up your social life as you will be busy with a lot of errands. You may have to run from selecting your own dress to selecting the perfect flowers for the bridal shower and most importantly, organizing the bachelorette party.


  1. Do put the bride’s need before yours


For a couple of months, the bride has to be your number one priority. There will be times when you will be told to drop everything and rescue the bride. You have to be ready to make some big sacrifices. In the end, no matter how silly the bride’s problem may sound you have to stay calm because after all the day is all about her.


  1. Don’t fight with other bridesmaids


Sometimes getting along with the other bridesmaids can be challenging and there will be times when your opinion will clash theirs. It’s understandable that it’s not possible to be friends with all of them but at least try to put on a friendly face, after all, you all are best friends with the bride and she wants you all to be there.


  1. Don’t show up late or leave early


The bride already has a lot going on in her life when it comes to the wedding. Planning the ceremonies, choosing the right dress, and stressing about every little detail. So be kind to her by arriving on time, being present and active and there for her till the very end. You might have a lot going on in your own personal life but that time is the bride’s time and nothing should come close to that.


The honor of being a bridesmaid is huge but so are the responsibilities that come with it. In order to make sure everything runs smoothly, a bridesmaid should contact a professional wedding planner like Showmania that can help her organize the perfect wedding for her BFF.

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