Planning a destination wedding in Rajasthan is a task these days, especially because of an array of wedding venues in Rajasthan. There are a plethora of Royal and Palatial Rajasthan wedding venues suitable for your dream wedding day. Let’s be brutally honest here, decor plays an important role in making wedding look magnificent apart from the luxurious venues you shortlist. The themes, flowers, drapes, center pieces, props and other decorative elements is what décor is all about. Some go for same decor throughout the wedding, while others like to have different set up for different pre-wedding and wedding functions. That’s exactly when Show Mania events, an online wedding planner, comes into the picture. We are a wedding event management company based in Jaipur city of Rajasthan and have been in the industry for over a decade now. We have planned luxurious weddings in spectacular wedding venues in Rajasthan.

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The major cities for a destination wedding in Rajasthan include – Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Bikaner and Pushkar to name a few. There is a certain charm about Rajasthan wedding venues, the intricate architecture, the royal grandeur and the warm hospitality apart from delectable local cuisines makes the state highly desirable for weddings. Being an online wedding planner, every year we get a number of enquiries for destination wedding in Rajasthan. Wedding event management industry is all about new ideas and out of the box ways to execute them. It is rightly said that an eye for detailing makes the wedding celebrations grand and what better than keeping in mind the small elements when it comes to decorations. Table center pieces are one such small elements that could get easily ignored, however these are easily noticeable. And what better than welcoming your guests at the table with a pleasant view of the center pieces. Being a wedding event management company, today we will discuss about different types of centerpieces you can have to make your tables look visually attractive.

  • The Fairytale Coming To Life: always dreamt of a fairy tale set up for your big day!! Well we are sure you must have shortlisted the most beautiful Rajasthan wedding venues for your wedding, how about making it come to live with every minute detail!! Having the famous pumpkin or chariot center pieces in white and decorated with colorful flowers make your table look more visually appealing for sure.

    The Fairytale Coming To Life
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  • Ocean and Ships: aquatic or ocean theme is one of the most liked contemporary themes for weddings, and other events. Instead of having typical aquatic center pieces, you can have historic elements like the anchor or wheel or royal ships and add on elements like bottles in blue will make it more appealing.

    Ocean and Ships
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  • Keep It Simple: having the ever green marigolds places in a small vase can make up for elegant yet appealing centerpieces. These look exotic in every way and having them places in a creative manner will make all the difference.

    Keep It Simple
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  • Chill Vibes: having Goa themed lunch will give a kick start to your wedding festivities. And you can have pineapple or jet inspired center pieces for the same.

    Chill Vibes
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