Celebrity & Artist Management


Planning Unforgettable Star-Studded Events

The presence of celebrities at events increases the overall value and popularity of the event. This is a growing trend in professional as well as personal events setups. Celebrities and artists are used to attract more people to the events or to make the event a memorable affair. Show Mania Events offers the services of celebrity and artist management for both professional and personal events. Whether you want a favorite celebrity to surprise your loved ones on a special occasion or you want to attract more people to your product launch event, we can make it happen for you.


Growing trends in Celebrity Management

he Indian celebrity endorsement business is expected to expand rapidly and Celebrities in the entertainment and sports industries require assistance in conducting business negotiations as brand ambassadors. Because of the growing urban population and rising number of social media users, these digital mediums have become an excellent marketing tool for celebrity endorsement. By 2025, the Indian celebrity endorsement business is predicted to be driven by increased internet penetration making celebrity management an even bigger industry.

  • Product Launch
  • AAward Functions
  • Seminars (as Guest Speakers)
  • Exhibitions
  • Conferences
  • Fundraisers

How does Show Mania plan the best Celebrity Management?

Celebrated as a top celebrity management company in Rajasthan, at Showmania Events & Entertainment, we assist our clients to experience the most appropriate entertainment for their target audience. At Showmania Events & Entertainment, we seek out both new as well as established artists to endorse companies, raise public awareness through guest appearances, or add glamour to weddings! To get the best of the celebrities to the event you need the best of the management companies, who deal with celebrities. Showmania Events & Entertainment handles all kinds of artists like a cricketer, a footballer, an actor, a wrestler, a choreographer etc and treats them like a celebrity in their work field who has an urge to be identified as a celebrity.

  • Birthday Parties
  • Anniversary Parties
  • Weddings
  • New Years’ Parties
  • Ring Ceremonies

How Do We Work?

At Showmania Event & Entertainment, we follow the process below to plan celebrity management for your event:

  • Understand & curate the event theme to find the right celebrity
  • Share a list of celebrities with our clients to choose from
  • Receive approval on a few names
  • Reach out to approved celebrities
  • Plan the content & discuss the theme with the celebrity
  • Make your event GRAND with the presence of your favourite celebrity!

Why choose us?

In the world of fashion, cinema, and sports, our celebrity managers have outstanding relationships with the affluent and famous. Celebrity management encompasses not only artist coordination, but also logistics, travel, security, permissions, and technical stage knowledge. Showmania is your one-stop destination for celebrity management, guest appearances, and event coordination in television and film.

We offer:

  • Trust
  • Commitment
  • Promise