What’s a wedding ceremony without some fun, entertainment and drama? We have some of the most innovative and unique ideas to make your Mehandi party iconic.

Live Entertainment

Live performance can be either of singing or dancing because conducting any of them will leave your guests spellbound. Witnessing the live event can be soul pleasing and entertaining at the same time. Moreover, many wedding event management companies have collaborations with popular artists whom you can consider for your entertainment.



Let your guests witness the real soulful journey through music. Choose some popular hit wedding songs and let the people test their vocals. Well, we all are the hidden bathroom singers so why not set the stage on fire.


Dance With The DJ

The DJ knows how to bring your wedding guests, friends, and family together and give them an unforgettable evening. To dance with the DJ is a must-have have in any function or ceremony of Indian Wedding.

Poolside Party

Poolside party, especially in the summers, are hitting the trends. Event planner in Jaipur and in other cities as well are arranging these norms likewise the area of your interest. Don’t forget to put some accessories and floats into the pool for your guests.

Message Basket

Various  event decoration ideas can help you to make a stylish and creative message basket. This looks captivating and arouses the interest of guests to pen down blessings for the bride and her family.

Nail Bar

Having a nail art bar along with henna helps to create an aura of utmost bliss. As the day focuses on the beautiful hand’s applied with henna so why not paint your nails with matching outfits and flaunt them like a famed duchess.

Photobooth And Props


Flood your social media accounts with wedding hashtags and your photos like never before. To create a Photo-Booth, you can add colourful frames and props with funny quotes to spice things up.
Plus, if you choose the top wedding planners in Rajasthan to arrange all the stuff for you then, they will make sure that you and your guests are left behind with memories of a lifetime.

Mela Vibes

Much like Bollywood, jazz up your wedding ceremonies by choosing the right wedding event management companies. They will provide various breathtaking event decoration ideas to create Mela Vibes. The result is captivating and full of entertainment.


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