Are you urging to have some special and non-cliché frames of the two of you together, as a couple, before you get bound in matrimony? Here are some of the best and trendsetter poses for you people to accomplish your sensational pre-wedding.

Out Of The Box Props

Aren’t the stereotype of romantic poses such as holding hands, staring in your partner’s eyes… are leading a way to boredom.
Bestow your pre-wedding with some original props and photo shoot locations. Shooting at your gym, busy streets, local markets etc can be taken into consideration. Plus, shooting while riding a decorated rickshaw, local truck, jeep or a tempo will also jazz things up.

For The Love Of Bollywood


We may believe it or not but the inheritance of these groovy and romantic ideas are derived from Bollywood. That’s why when it comes to revealing the fondness some iconic romantic poses that we unabashedly love can’t be lagged behind. You can choose any of your most favourite pose for which you were drooling mad over the past years. Coming out with any beautiful pose will be significant and for this, we can’t thank enough to Bollywood because these norms never go out of fashion.

Give A Texture Of Some Crazy Effects

Photoshop and some visualised animated effects are consistently rejuvenating the photography. Either you can turn into a mini version of you and your companion and click many hilarious snapshots resembling comic scenes or a cartoon character. Or you may include flying objects around with some creatively crazy and innovative ideas. Trust us, you’ll end up having some jaw-dropping pre-wedding shots.

Silhouette and Sunsets


Sunset has its own love, charm and having silhouettes shots at sunsets looks even more mesmerizing. Not to forget, to keep one of the silhouette shots in the top of the list of your pre-wedding shoot ideas. Snaps like these are frame worthy so capture your happiness because you just found your best friend, soulmate for life.

Dive For Underwater Photoshoot


Are you up to create a screwed remark? Of course not, then, shake off all your shyness and dive into the water with your partner. We can surely assure you that this going to be your most memorable experience and dive forever. The couples are actively following this bizarre trend as it seems like they are bored with the mushy poses with lettering/words/quotes props, standing in a beautiful garden and are surpassing all limits of creativity and adventure.

Using Smoke Bombs

The time has arrived where you show all your love by doing little innovations and creativity. In the same way, smoke bombs are hitting the trending list. Posing while having smoke bombs all around will act as an amazing prop and will also make you feel the magic of being in love. A picture of this category will surely enhance your wall of frames. And we are sure this is one of your pre-wedding shoot ideas. isn’t it?

Role Reversal

Hang on ladies! It’s your time to break the myth and be a boss. As you’re looking for some eccentric and unique ideas for your pre-wedding then, switch the typical role decided by society. In most of the shots, we witnessed a groom riding the bike, a bicycle…with his better half sitting behind. In order to avoid having cliché snaps, you can choose to adopt the concept of role reversal with any prop that fits in your photo shoot.



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