You dream of getting married in the best venue for your destination wedding in Jaipur with the most dreamy wedding decoration ideas. Well Show Mania events, one of the best wedding planners in Jaipur, will make sure you live your dream to the fullest by planning a memorable wedding which even your guests will cherish for times to come. However, if you go for heritage and palatial properties it may be difficult for some of your favorite decoration ideas to be implemented. Luxurious and regal venues do not allow wedding event management to make many alterations to their property by using structural decor. For example they may not allow using nails at all. And Show Mania events feel with the ongoing trend of using minimal decor, you may be tempted to go classy and elegant by having no too many decorative elements. If minimalism is your style and at the same time you want to personalize your big day, then you are reading the right blog. Show Mania events will make your wedding event management refined and tasteful by giving decoration ideas that are low on maintenance and big on impact.

Wedding Decoration Ideas For Your Reception
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  • Fabricate The Ceilings: It is unbelievable how incredibly beautiful drapes can look from the ceiling. You can easily hide the ceiling designs of the banquet space if you don’t like with the drapes. Fabric will make the decor more classy and sophisticated; you can also add fun to the wedding decoration ideas by having fabric in bright hues of yellow.

    Fabricate The Ceilings
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  • Pattern Pillows: If you have outdoor or indoor set up planed by one of the best wedding planners in Jaipur, they will definitely suggest keeping cushions and loads of them for a comfortable seating. You can make the venue light up using cushion covers that have beautiful patterns and ask for pillows of different shapes to add more character to the decor.

    Pattern Pillows
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  • Floral Hangings: If you want minimal decor in your wedding event management and not fond of too many flowers on the table or on structures, you can even hang your flowers on the tables for indoor arrangements. Flowers are not only meant for center pieces, go little creative under the guidance of one of the best wedding planners in Jaipur – Show Mania events.

    Floral Hangings
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  • Chalkboard Signage: Chalkboards make for subtle ways to décor the entrance or cocktail bar. You can give it rustic border and decorate with foliage and flowers to make it more visually appealing. All ready to chalk away!!!

    Chalkboard Signage
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  • Table Lamps: make your dinner tables look higher and also attractive by having beautiful lamps. You can also decorate it with flowers if required.

    Table Lamps
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  • Colored Glassware: if you have minimal decor make sure the glassware you use – glasses, bowls and plates are colored to make the arrangements look vibrant and fresh.

    Colored Glassware
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  • Family Photo Wall: a great way to personalize your wedding decoration ideas is by having a wall dedicated to family photos. You can have best of photos with your family and friends and arrange them into a beautiful display of memories.

    Family Photo Wall
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Hope these simple yet highly effective ideas make you want to go minimal for your wedding as well. For guidance on upcoming wedding in your family get in touch with us at +91 9680555187

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