We are quite often faced with questions like how do we manage to take multiple back to back projects, especially in the wedding season, and surpass expectations of all our clients, well that’s what makes Show Mania Events the best wedding planner in Jaipur. For us weddings are not only fun when it comes to decoration and other aspects but also a promise that we make with our clients that we will make the celebrations memorable for everyone. Each and every function in Indian weddings is unique and thus requires different set of themes and decorative elements to keep up with the vigor. However, if asked about our favorite pre-wedding ceremonies of all, it would undoubtedly be the Mehendi and then the Sangeet ceremony when it comes to wedding event management.

Mehendi Ceremony
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The vibrant colors, fun themes and decorative elements, the street food, stall set up, music and who wouldn’t want to see just the females under the same roof having the time of their life!!! Mehendi is not just about professional mehendi artists applying henna on the hands and legs of bride and other ladies; it is about the rich traditions and playful conversations. Hues of green, yellow, pink and orange and marigold flowers are widely used in Mehendi ceremonies. Mehendi ceremony decoration could be fair theme or could be traditional or quirky with conventional themes, but Rajasthani carnival theme is an ever green all time favorite idea liked by all. Today, we will share a few must have vivacious and exciting decorative elements for your Rajasthani carnival theme Mehendi ceremony.

    • Hangings: most important and easily noticed decorative element is hangings, it could be made of marigold flowers or kaliras or parandas, and you can hang these on trees or on the walls. Use items like bangles or parrots to drape on the loose ends, and the hangings are ready to be used indoor or outdoor.

      Decorative element is hangings
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    • Puppets: add a little character to your decorations by using colorful puppets at the entrance or along the passage or any other appropriate place. These would surely make the décor more visually appealing.

      Decorations by using colorful puppets
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    • Umbrellas: colorful embroidered mirror work umbrellas is what we are talking about for your Mehendi ceremony. Hang a string of marigold flowers on the sides to make it more impactful.

      Colorful embroidered mirror work umbrellas
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    • Kettles: small colorful kettles with intricate designs can make for stunning center pieces, filling these with marigold flowers will make them more pleasing. These could even be used as hangings. Such a cool idea isn’t it!!

      Decoration with small colorful kettles
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    • Matkas: the traditional decorative element could be given a twist by coloring the earthen pots with vibrant colors and arranging them aerially with the help of wire. You can even arrange strings of marigold flower coming out of it to give it a 3 D effect.

      Decoration with Matkas
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    • Cages: though a contemporary element it could be very well used for the traditional Mehendi ceremony. Cover cage with marigold flowers from all sides and it is ready to be used as a hanging or even as a centerpiece.

      Cages decoration in wedding
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Hope you found these decorative elements interesting, we have an array of tried and tested themes and decoration ideas for Mehendi ceremony. Get in touch with us at 9680555187 for more details.

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