All your childhood you have wished for a vintage classic wedding so now even the idea of the modern one makes you cringe. Lucky for you we have selected some of the props that you can use to have a vintage wedding right out of your dreams.


  1. Vintage Themed Stationary


Your wedding cards set the tone for what to expect in the wedding, so choose a vintage textured card for the main wedding card to set the tone of the vintage wedding from the very start.


  1. Incorporate Family History


A vintage wedding cannot be complete without incorporating some stories taken from rich family histories on both sides. Now, these can be pictures of your ancestors on the escort table or it can be an heirloom family necklace or even pearls. These little things add a whole new meaning to a vintage wedding.


  1. Live music


If you are planning to go vintage then you might want to skip the DJ and go for live music. Greet your guest with the music of the ’70s, ’80s or 90’s. This will be nostalgic as well as have an old worldly charm.


  1. Ambience


When it comes to arranging a wedding vintage style, the best addition to the ambience will be an arm-chair and of course, a crystal chandelier with a sweet display of snacks on the table that will make it complete.


  1. Use a vintage car


After all, the ceremonies are completed and now it’s time to take your wife with you, instead of using an Audi or Limousine, make use of a vintage car to end the whole thread of ceremonies on a vintage note, just the way you imagined.


Weddings are beautiful and no matter what theme you choose for the wedding, it will always be special. Arranging your dream wedding all on your own without a professional can be really hard, Showmania events is an event management company that can help you put together your perfect dream wedding.

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