Lanterns have become an essential decor element in wedding event management these days. And why wouldn’t they be!!! Lanterns look classy, stylish, simple, elegant and very attractive when paired with the right accentuates. We at Show Mania Events feel these are versatile decor elements that can suit any pre-wedding and wedding ceremony irrespective of the themes finalized and the time of the function, these could go for day functions as well night functions. These could be incorporated with candles or flowers or both and these come in different shapes, sizes, designs, colors and patterns. Show Mania Events comes in the category of best wedding planner of Jaipur simply because of perseverance and hard work to make weddings an unforgettable event and thus we try to bring in new elements in a creative way. Today we will talk about various ways we have used lanterns in some of our recent weddings.

  • Lanterns As Center Pieces: you must be wondering why we need center pieces to spruce up the table, why not just a table cloth and we are sorted for the function!!! Well guests spend a good amount of time at their tables for eating or drinking or maybe mingling with others. And thus wedding planners thought they must have something pretty to look at during their socializing process and what better than having beautiful center pieces perfectly arranged at their tables. You can have one lantern with candle on every table or you can even have a cluster of lanterns of different sizes on a big round table or lanterns arranged at a distance if the table is rectangular. You can even use fresh flowers around the lantern or inside it to make the arrangement more vibrant and pleasing.

    Lanterns As Center PiecesImage Source: Google Image

  • Lanterns As Hangings: hanging lanterns with lit candles will definitely make the ambience dazzle for an evening ceremony. These look classy, elegant, sophisticated and surreal. You can even create a chandelier of lanterns arranged in a cluster or simply one lantern at different intervals. There are oodles of ways to arrange them.

    Lanterns As HangingsImage Source: Google Image

  • Moroccan Lanterns Perfect For Sufi Theme Sangeet Evening: if you are planning for a soulful Sufi evening or Moroccan themed Sangeet evening we suggest having colorful Moroccan lanterns would be one of the perfect decorative elements. Moroccan lanterns can be individually used because the blue, red and orange glass looks perfect and the intricate designs carved on the metallic ends make it stunningly beautiful.

    Moroccan Lanterns Perfect For Sufi Theme Sangeet EveningImage Source: Google Image

  • Lanterns At The Aisle: as we have previously mentioned lanterns are quite versatile decorative elements and could be used to make a statement in any area or ceremony. Placing lanterns at the aisle or walk way is yet another way you can add charm to your decor. Pair these with lit candles and flower petals around; these would certainly grab your attention.

    Lanterns At The AisleImage Source: Google Image

  • Lanterns As Stage Decor: reception stage needs to be thoughtfully planned as it also becomes a backdrop for the photographs and hence creating a dreamy ambiance for good photographic memories is important. Thus using lanterns along with bottles, cages and candles will provide just the right setting.

    Lanterns As Stage DecorImage Source: Google Image

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