The ever-increasing wedding trends keep the couples hooked to opt for innovative and creative wedding ideas. Eco-friendly wedding is being added on the list and is gaining traction as the wedding event management companies are exploring ways to make their wedding a memorable affair without harming the environment. It might seem like a daunting task but there are ample of options available to host an eco-friendly wedding and make memories for life.


  • Go Green with Wedding Invites- Printed wedding invites lead to wastage of plastic and paper. Go paperless by embracing the use of e-invites with some creative and captivating designs.


  • Use Recyclable Dinnerware- Ditch plastic cutlery and opt for compostable or recyclable dinner plates and ask your caterer to go for zero waste options.


  • Use the Venue Wisely- Go for naturally available event decoration ideas at the venue rather than buying harmful plastic materials. If the venue has big trees, decorate those with quirky elements and make the venue beautiful by adding such natural elements.


  • Guest Favors- The trend of distributing wedding favors is shooting up with a range of options available from quirky favors to the ones that will actually be used by people. Go for eco-friendly gifts such as seed saplings, jute bags, etc. to avoid harming the environment.


  • Deal with Leftover Food Wisely- Instead of throwing away the leftover food, donate it to an NGO who are willing to pick up extra food and serve it to those who need it and make the required arrangements.

 Go for an eco-conscious wedding affair with these simple, yet creative ideas by opting for wedding event management companies that design and plan these eco-friendly ways to mark the beginning of a new journey in a special way.


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