So it’s your big day which you have dreaming for years unknown. You are finally going to marry the love of your life in best wedding venues in Rajasthan in the presence of people who mean the world to you. Rajasthan wedding have a royal charm and the splendid grandeur makes the state irresistible for wedding celebrations. When you have decided for your big day in Rajasthan wedding venues, having a wedding planner in the form of a local help is really important. That’s exactly when Show Mania events, an online wedding planner, comes into the picture. Wedding event management isn’t as easy as it sounds especially when you are planning to have a destination wedding in a city you are not much aware of have to entertain guests as well. Show Mania events are a wedding planning and event management service provider based in Jaipur city of Indian state of Rajasthan.

Online Wedding Planner
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Brides are the most important person of their own weddings and her family and all her friends are there to pamper her and make sure she has the time of her life at her own wedding. Your wedding event management company will take care of the major aspects of the wedding like venue selection, hospitality, logistics, entertainment, catering, and decoration to name a few. However, as a bride you like to take charge of your wedding in best wedding venues in Rajasthan. There are aspects like making guest list, invitation design, trousseau shopping, wedding favors and more that you have to look after. You make sure your wedding arrangements are as good as the Rajasthan wedding venues you have finalized. And of course your online wedding planner will look after the major aspects as previously discussed. However, on the day of wedding amidst the chaos of looking beautiful and making sure you reach the venue of time, brides must check these points as leaves the salon for her wedding as suggested by wedding event management companies.

  • Are You Comfortable: yes, carrying the massive lehenga along with antique and heavy jewellery and all the pins and what not, make sure you are comfortable with the look. Make sure the veil is not too tight from head to shoulder and make sure you pee before wearing the lehenga so that you are not under a trouble later.

    Are You Comfortable
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  • Smell Good: you of course look good in all your bridal glory and all set for your big day in best wedding venues in Rajasthan; however don’t forget to smell good for an added appeal. Wedding ceremonies take a long time and of course you will sweat so wedding event management companies suggest you wear a good perfume to be presentable all the time.

    Smell Good
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  • Don’t Forget To Take Your Belongings: salons are a mess, make sure you carry everything you had bought with you.

  • Wear Your Pretty Smile: yes, last few moments before you tie the knot with the love of your life. Make sure you leave salon with a smile for a new beginning.

    Wear Your Pretty Smile
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