We all have found relatable movies at least once and have felt as if the script of the movie is the story of our life or at least we want it to be. So, you are getting married? You might be very excited or maybe having cold feet, no matter what you are feeling right now, there must be a movie for it and what better way to watch them than with your girlfriends a week before the wedding. We have shortlisted 4 movies for you that should be on your must watch list before your wedding.

  1. The wedding singer

Its a funny movie that has it all, from falling in love at a bar to leaving one man for the other,its a wonderful movie with lots of twist.

  1. Dil wale Dhulaniya Le Jayenge

We hope that you are getting married to your Raj with the consent of your family but still, this romantic classic will take your heart for a ride once again and will make you realize what true love is.

  1. My big fat Greek wedding

This is the best movie if your marriage is an inter-caste one. The mingling of two cultures is depicted pretty realistically and if your marriage brings together two cultures then this would be very relatable.

  1. Tanu Weds Manu

This movie has an amazing blend of comedy, romance and stubbornness. If you are getting married to an NRI then every scene of the movie will resonate with you on a deeper level.


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