Indian weddings have always been grand and larger – than – life; we like to make it an affair to remember for our esteemed guests as well. From calling almost every other relative and acquaintance to the wedding of our beloved son/daughter, to being selective and calling just the close family and friends we surely have come a long way. Today, bride and groom go out of their way to research and meet with their wedding planner to discuss the look and feel of lavish ceremonies that depicts a part of their persona and the story behind their unison. Weddings should be nothing but colorful and vibrant to keep up with the zeal and enthusiasm. That’s the reason Show Mania Events, an Indian wedding planner based in Jaipur city of Indian state of Rajasthan is here to suggest the best color trends for major Indian wedding ceremonies so that you create memories that lasts for years to come.

  • Mehendi: the most vibrant ceremonies of all, mehendi function is not just about the professional mehendi artist making intricate henna designs on the hands and legs of the bride and other ladies, it is also about the rich traditions, teasing the bride, fun conversations, dance, Bollywood mehendi songs and the ladies. And when all the ladies are under the same roof, it definitely is going to be a carnival. And what better than making Rajasthani carnival as the theme of celebration with all the bright colors like yellow, orange, green and pink. Tables, chairs, mattresses, and cushion covers in the bright hues of the finalized colors to create the perfect ambiance. We suggest the use of marigold flowers (yellow and orange) and white mogras for the same. You can add character to the theme by adding elements like kettle or kaliras or bangles or cages or colorful glass bottles as hangings or centerpieces. Photo booth, stalls, and food counters could be decorated with the similar theme.

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  • Sangeet: the night where family, friends and the bride and groom let loose and shake legs to the tunes of Bollywood numbers. Give this night a contemporary touch with elegant white and purple theme. English flowers like white Dahlia and purple Peony will make the decorations grand and pleasing. Elements like crystal chandeliers and hangings and candles (in jars or glasses or fish bowls) would make the decorations even more stylish. Doesn’t that sound surreal!!!

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  • Wedding: the decorations for the most awaited day should be nothing less than magnificent and splendid. Thus, having Royal Rajwada theme is highly recommended to those who would like to take the wedding vows in the presence of beloved family and friends in an ambiance that takes them to bygone Regal Rajputana Era. Colors of red and maroon should be reserved for this ultimate celebration, with use of Indian flowers to complement the set – up. The bride can make her entry in a majestic palki (palanquin) and opulent band and Lavazza to welcome the barati’s. The bride and groom can make a powerful entry with cold pyros and make the garland exchange ceremony with dreamy fireworks. The perfect ingredient for a lavish and memorable night isn’t it!!

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